Meet the LubbyCats!

LubbyCats together.001

 Kenshin and ToPu are a pair of American Curl brothers who spend their days lounging and being crazy.


Kenshin is the orangey brother with the bob tail. He has a very sweet, loving, earnest personality.

Pu2Pu (shortened from ToPu) is the long-tailed, long-haired black brother. He has a very princely, arrogant, devious personality and demands attention constantly.

Blind MaximusBlind Maximus is, well, blind. A grouchy old chihuahua-something mix.

EinEin. Because what is the point of a Corgi that isn’t named Ein? Why else be a Corgi? Also answers to “Huck.” Also also answers to “Food?”

WicketWickie (full name Wicket) looks smiley here but in reality she’s an affenpinscher who hates pretty much everyone.

ZackaryRabbit is a frequent guest of ours; he and his crew make regular appearances. Check them out!

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